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At Barber Boot Camp Academy, we strive to make sure that our clients' needs are met. We understand that sometimes, more and more in our current society, traveling for training or a class isn't an option. Our goal is to make sure that all of your training needs are met so we are launching Barber Boot Camp Academy our first Virtual Clipper Cutting training package. Everything that you would get in person is now available in an innovative self-paced/collaborative class. You will have time to go over the material on your own and then have the opportunity to join in a live session with our educators who will lead the class just like you were sitting in our live training

Our System Has 2 Phases

Phase 1 - Barber Basics 101 gives members the foundation they need. We start from ground zero. This prerequisite is very important to learning and understanding the principles our 2 cutting systems are built on.

  • Which clippers to use?
  • Which guards work best?
  • Learn how to cut different textures of hair
  • Learn to taper using our system
  • Learn to fade using our system
  • Learn to cut curly hair
  • Learn to cut straight hair
  • Learn tips on how to edge the hairline
  • Clipper Education
  • Learning how to assess your client and their needs.
  • Learn hair cut no-no's
  • And much much more...

Phase 2 - LEVEL 2 ACCESS to our haircutting video library. This library is our step-by-step “How To” videos on a number of different cuts and textures. These “How To” videos include: fades, tapers, mo hawks and straight & curly hair. Use these step-by-step cutting videos to perfect your style.  Imagine what having the ability to go back and review the videos a number of times (in the comfort of your own space) will do... 

Pricing options

Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists Package

Barber Boot Camp for Cosmetologists

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Barber Basics 101

    • Barber Basics 101 - Clipper Education

    • Learning your guard system

    • Guard System Pop Quiz

    • Learning your Blades

    • Determine the type of Fade or Taper

    • How to determine the type of fade or taper

    • The Steps of Tapering & Fading

  • 2

    Fades Access - Step by Step Fading Videos

    • Close Medium Fade | 2 Blade on Top | Straight Hair | BLADE METHOD

    • Close Fade w/ Mo Hawk | Curly Hair | BLADE METHOD



    • CLOSE FADE | CURLY HAIR | 1-1/2 ON TOP- PT 1

    • CLOSE FADE | CURLY HAIR | 1-1/2 ON TOP- PT 2

  • 3


    • Longer Length Taper | Straight Hair_PT 1

    • Longer Length Taper | Straight Hair_PT 2

    • How to Taper the neck:

  • 4

    Ladies Cut

    • Ladies Tapered Afro Cut Pt. 1

    • Ladies Tapered Afro Cut Pt. 2

  • 5

    Clipper Adjustments

    • Blade Setting Tutorial - 1

    • How to tune your wahl clipper

  • 6

    Tip of the Day List

    • How to Remove a Hair Splinter

  • 7

    The Technique Toolbox



Jessica from Encino, CA

Jessica Huerta

One of the best investments I’ve ever made in my career. Absolutely recommend to any one wanting to learn or step up their men’s haircuts. The class was engaging, fun, and so full of information my head was going to explode. From the first hour to the last I was so excited! Lu made it so easy to learn how to fade. Gave me inspiration and confidence which is invaluable. Thank you Lu!

Michelle from Simi Valley, CA

Michelle Lloyd Shuster

Honestly the best class I've ever taken in my 30 years in this career!!!! Lou breaks down the fade and taper like no other!! He makes you feel very comfortable to ask any questions you have. I guarantee you will take home so much great advice and knowledge of the skill and the tools. Best investment and value for your money you will ever get. I can't wait to take level two and perfect my skills even further!!! Thank you, Lou, for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

Heather from Kill Devils Hill, NC

Heather Thompson

This was such a fun and informative class!!! I never felt weird to ask questions and learned a lot! I already do a lot of clipper cuts but this just took me to another level with details and gave me more confidence with bald fades. I definitely recommend this class and look forward to more classes in the future!

Just a minute

Heather Marmal

I intended to watch just a few minutes, grab a shower, and save the rest for when I had time. Ended up watching the whole thing. What a great teacher. Super tight cut.


Tanner Rood

Love the video! You are an awesome teacher, especially because I can tell you are extremely passionate. Your love for cutting hair is very inspiring!

London here I come

by Shawn Millz

Your video is and was very inspirational . I'm about to move to London and get back into a shop.. I worked in Brooklyn for many years... So I'm bout to have London looking sharp ... Thanks teach

Sarah from TX

Sarah Vasquez

He's such a great teacher. and I'm a judgmental . (I'm a women) obviously. but seriously lol. he really knows his ish. you got a new subscriber

Kenneth W. Davis

Love love love love your videos !!!!

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