We realize that when you are going through a class there are going to be some questions.  We would like to answer those questions for you and this is a forum designed to do just that.  

In our "Cutting Coach" Sessions we host LIVE ZOOM classes.  These interactive virtual workshops, give the attendees the benefit of having an educator right there giving step by step instruction, tips and most importantly answering the questions of the group.  We have found that when attendees are listening to another persons questions it often helps the understanding of the whole group and these sessions do just that.  

Note - *The "Cutting Coach" is a paid membership.  You will receive an introductory offer of 2 months free with the bundle purchase.  After your 2 month trial you will be charged ($19.99 per monthly after your free trial) 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cutting Coach Session - 1

    • Refresher Before the session

    • CUTTING COACH_1 - TAPER_5-30-2020

    • Blade Setting_Andis T-Edger

    • Neck Taper - Technique (Straight hair)

    • How to Remove a Hair Splinter in 10 - 15 Seconds

    • How to turn up the power on your clippers